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The Dallas Cowboys Football Card Gallery
1962 Topps Wax Pack
1962 Topps

This set is simply a classic.  The black borders make it very difficult to find cards in NrMt condition.  Topps went from 132 to 176 cards in the complete set, and in doing so, several cards ended up in lesser quantities.  These cards are designated by the SP (short print) following their names.

Complete roster & stats

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1962 Topps Eddie LeBaron 1962 Topps Don Meredith SP
#38 Eddie LeBaron #39 Don Meredith SP
1962 Topps J.W. Lockett SP 1962 Topps Don Perkins RC
#40 J.W. Lockett SP #41 Don Perkins RC
1962 Topps Billy Howton 1962 Topps Dick Bielski
#42 Billy Howton #43 Dick Bielski
1962 Topps Mike Connelly 1962 Topps Jerry Tubbs SP
#44 Mike Connelly #45 Jerry Tubbs SP
1962 Topps Don Bishop SP 1962 Topps Dick Moegle
#46 Don Bishop SP #47 Dick Moegle
1962 Topps Bobby Plummer SP 1962 Topps Dallas Cowboys Team Card
#48 Bobby Plummer SP #49 Team Card

#42 Billy Howton

#49 Team Card
The backs of the cards in this set contain the standard stat lines along with questions about the NFL and cartoon illustrations.  The answers to the questions are found upside-down under the questions .

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