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The Dallas Cowboys Football Card Gallery
1961 Fleer Wax Pack
1961 Fleer

Using the back-drop of Yankee Stadium, the photos for the cards in this set were taken on 12/4/60, the day of the next to last game of the 1960 season vs. the New York Giants -the only game the Cowboys didn't lose that year (31-31 tie).  Fleer was the first to picture all players in Cowboys uniforms.  This didn't happen again until the 1965 Philadelphia set.  Cowboy Joe, the teams first logo, makes his first appearance as well.

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1961 Fleer Eddie LeBaron 1961 Fleer Don Meredith RC 1961 Fleer Don McIlhenny

#40 Eddie LeBaron

#41 Don Meredith RC

#42 Don McIlhenny

1961 Fleer L.G. Dupre 1961 Fleer Fred Dugan 1961 Fleer Billy Howton

#43 L. G. Dupre

#44 Fred Dugan

#45 Billy Howton

1961 Fleer Duane Putnam 1961 Fleer Gene Cronin 1961 Fleer Jerry Tubbs
#46 Duane Putnam #47 Gene Cronin #48 Jerry Tubbs

#40 Eddie LeBaron

Nothing fancy on the backs of this set.  Cowboy Joe makes his second appearance on card backs from this set.  

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