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1960 Topps Wax Pack
1960 Topps

Topps featured nine players in the Cowboys inaugural season, all of which were pictured in the uniforms of the teams they came from.  The Cowboys were the only team in this set to not have a team card. Charlie Ane, Ray Krouse, Ed Modelewski, and Doyle Nix were either cut, traded, or opted for retirement; therefore those four players in this team set did not play for the Cowboys in 1960.

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1960 Topps Don Heinrich 1960 Topps Ed Modzelewski 1960 Topps Fred Cone
#32 Don Heinrich #33 Ed Modzelewski #34 Fred Cone
1960 Topps L.G. Dupre 1960 Topps Dick Bielski 1960 Topps Charlie Ane

#35 L. G. Dupre

#36 Dick Bielski

#37 Charlie Ane

1960 Topps Jerry Tubbs 1960 Topps Doyle Nix 1960 Topps Ray Krouse
#38 Jerry Tubbs #39 Doyle Nix #40 Ray Krouse

#38 Jerry Tubbs #39 Doyle Nix
Here's a look at a couple card backs from this set.  Along with the standard player stats, Topps had an area to rub with a coin called "Football Funnies".  I've shown an example of one rubbed and one unrubbed.

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